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      RioVida ~ The first liquid dietary supplement in the world to combine 4Life Transfer Factor with antioxidant-rich superfruits
Riovida - What can it do for you?
  • Gives high detoxification to your body.
  • Revitalizes and energizes your body.
  • It makes your skin glow. Look young and fresh.
  • It helps your immune system to direct the antioxidants effectively.
  • It helps to reduce wrinkles and prevents premature aging.
  • It helps to balance blood sugar.
  • 100% safe and natural with no side effects, as stated in the Physicians Desk Reference 2008 (Premier doctor's reference in the USA).
Riovida ingredients:
Transfer Factor immune molecules ~ strengthen, smartens, and balances your immune system.
Superfood Blend - Acai berries, blueberries, elderberries, purple grapes, pomegranates, apples, lactoferrin, and vitamin C.

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1 Bottle Riovida  RM178  RM133
2 Bottles Riovida  RM340  RM255
Transfer Factor Plus ~ 100% Safe ~ Natural ~ Effective ~ Works within 2 hours
What can it do for you?
  • It gives high immunity to your body.
  • Balances your immune system.
  • Nourishes the good cells and removes the bad cells.
  • It makes your immune system strong and intelligent and works fast and efficiently.
  • Reduces inflammation quickly - high inflammation is one of the leading causes of rapid aging and health problem.
  • 100% safe and natural with no side effects, as stated in the Physicians Desk Reference 2008 (Premier doctor's reference in the USA).
20% Special Discount
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1 Bottle TF Plus  RM324  RM243
2 Bottles TF Plus  RM648  RM486
Approved by leading Scientists in Immunology, Microbiology,
Medical Science, and Dietitics.
4Life Multiple Awards Winnings
2022 Gold Titan Award Best Consumer Product
Gold Factor wins the 2022 Gold Titan Award for Best Consumer Product.
2021 Corporate America Today Best Immune System Company
In 2021, Corporate America Today named 4Life Research the Best Immune System Company in the United States of America.
LUXlife 2020 award
4Life was awarded the LUXlife Health, Beauty, & Wellness Award for Best Immune System Supplements in the United States and Best Health Supplements in Utah—2020.
2020 Stevie Award
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen: The 2020 People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite New Product in Skincare & Age-Defiance.
Campaign of the Year
In 2019, LUXlife Magazine named 4Life "Best Immune System Supplements in the United States."
Gold Golden Bridge Award
4Life was honored with the 2018 Corporate Communications Team of the Year for strategic development, execution, and crisis communications in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
Taken by World-Class Athletes
Team 4Life is a group of world-class athletes who enjoy using 4Life products as part of their training regimens.
What are Transfer Factors?
  • They are NOT vitamins, herbs, or minerals.
  • They are immune molecules extracted from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks.
  • They give intelligence to your immune system so it can work fast and effectively
  • 4Life has the patented Ultra filtration process to extract Transfer Factors.
  • No antibiotics, no preservatives, no herbicides.
  • Safe and natural. No side effects. No toxicity.

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